Birdwings Challenge Round Seven: Sunday February 12th

In this series I will take on Birdwings in head 2 head cash games on draftkings.  Birdwings is one of the most successful cash players in all of DFS.  This series will give you an opportunity to hear my approach to cash as well as my analysis of Birdwings’ rosters.  

The Slate

A 4 game slate and a balanced approach led to my most profitable slate of the season!

The Result


What We Agreed On


Kawhi Leonard was the only guy we both had in our rosters.  On a 4 game slate he was cash game plug and play today.

My Approach


The Bulls announced that Wade and Butler were both going to be out opening more value again.  I decided this time not to take too many risks on value.  Christopher posted in our awesome NBA Team Chat(You need to join if you have not yet for valuable info!) everyone’s usage bumps with the bulls new lineup.  Rondo and Lopez were the only two people I trusted.  Hernangomez was almost the same price as Lopez and had more upside,  but I didn’t trust his minutes, so I ran Lopez in cash and ran the same lineup in GPPs with Hernangomez.

Rubio has been underpriced for what seems like a month now, and I have been plugging him in whenever he has a favorable matchup.  Wiggins was my top play of the day.  I was already considering him for cash because of his steady 5x value, and because KAT did not have a stellar game against the same Bulls front court last time out.  With Butler and Wade out,  the bulls had no one to matchup against Wiggins, and I put him 100% in everything for the day.  Danny Green was a punt I put in to help fit my team.  He gets plenty of run, and honestly could have hit value if he had not had such an atrocious shooting day(2-13).

Porzingis was me taking advantage of the DK pricing model.  It always prices down teams against San Antonio, and at 6100 he was cash playable.  Jrue was my top point guard play of the day, and fell a few points short of winning me some GPPs.  I was surprised how little anyone was talking about him in a pace up game at Sacramento, against a shorter Darren Collison.  All the Jrue all the pay day!

Birdwings Approach

Birdwings attacked the Bulls game with Grant, McDermott, and MCW.  MCW was a low floor high ceiling play that we have seen Birdwings attack before for the upside.  I prefer the floor on that.  McDermott and MCW were both min priced players who were going to get 3o minutes.  They paid off in the 4th quarter and help keep his team together.

Birdwings used the tandem of Lowry and Derozan against Detroit.  On short slates it is not a bad tactic to mini stack the guards, and hoping that the tandem can hit value.  Fortunately for me, both of them struggled a bit.   Lastly Birdwings went with KAT at power forward.  I really don’t like the play because of his past performance against the Bulls and the blow out risk makes his high salary more risky, but I will also fully admit I am biased to play balanced.

Wrapping Up


After going 5-2 on draftkings, I will move this to fanduel for the next seven matchups!

Rob Gardner

Rob got a start as a professional poker player with almost a 10 year career. After Black Friday killed off online poker, Rob made a transition to DFS. Rob has had success in NBA, NFL and MLB, include a win in the fan duel super strike.

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