Birdwings Challenge Round Six: Saturday February 11th

In this series I will take on Birdwings in head 2 head cash games on draftkings.  Birdwings is one of the most successful cash players in all of DFS.  This series will give you an opportunity to hear my approach to cash as well as my analysis of Birdwings’ rosters.  

The Slate

With a dramatic game in Durant’s first game back to OKC, and some crazy value going down in Phoenix,  this slate came down to where to spend up and where to spend down.

The Result


What We Agreed On


For the first time we had 5 players on both of our rosters.  Knight and Len were extremely popular value plays that slotted in when Bledsoe and Chandler were both out of the lineup.   Knight was atrocious and a land bomb for many, while Len managed to get 5 fouls in what seemed like 5 minutes, but still salvaged a good night.  I loved Green as a high floor option that was about 500-700 underpriced.  The game had a huge over / under and as long as he didn’t get tossed he felt safe.  Durant was a no-brainer play in cash in a return to OKC and narrative city.  Lastly Beasley was plugged into the starting lineup and made for a safe punt to help fill in the big salaries.

My Approach

I made a huge decision to go with Curry over Westbrook for a huge discount.  I felt like if this game stayed close Curry would get competitive with Westbrook, and the almost 3k in savings would allow me to take on less risk.  After one quarter Curry had 24 fantasy points to Westbrook’s 16 and I was doing fist pumps,  but Westbrook spent most of the game making up for his teammates, and in the end their pt/$ ended up almost identical as Curry hit 55 compared to Westbrook’s 71.  I still justify the decision, had the game blown out, I was taking on less risk, and I think Curry could still out score Westbrook.

Oladipo was a guy I was all over yesterday.  Here he was at a great price in a solid match-up in a high paced game and no one was talking about him. Capela was a guy i liked to have a safe floor.  When I saw it was Curry, Capela, and Oladipo facing Westbrook, Beverly, and McGruder I loved my chances.  Unfortunately Birdwings had a key play that did me in.

Birdwings Approach


Birdwings went the chalk route with Westbrook.  In order to fit that in he went Patrick Beverley and McGruder.   I liked Bev and played him on some other sites in a few places, but he went absolutely nuts in this game, as Houston got out to a 20-2 lead and never looked back. McGruder is an acquired taste.  Some people love him, others hate him,  his minutes have been really nice with Waiters out, but he only has a .7 fppm rate.  If Capela and Bev have their normal games, I take this down,  but DFS is never about what normally happens!

Wrapping Up


I`m down to 4-2 and looking to rebound now.  I still like my team, and my approach today.  Tomorrow I will try to get back on track with a 4 game slate.

Rob Gardner

Rob got a start as a professional poker player with almost a 10 year career. After Black Friday killed off online poker, Rob made a transition to DFS. Rob has had success in NBA, NFL and MLB, include a win in the fan duel super strike.

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