Birdwings FanDuel Challenge Round Eight: Monday February 13th

In this series I will take on Birdwings in head 2 head cash games on draftkings.  Birdwings is one of the most successful cash players in all of DFS.  This series will give you an opportunity to hear my approach to cash as well as my analysis of Birdwings’ rosters.  

The Slate

You know when there is a game with an over / under of 240 that scores will be high!  I rock a 316 with a 2.5 from Warren!

The Result

What We Agreed On

Jameer Nelson was an obvious play at 5k in the 240 over / under game.  His price had not adjusted as much on FanDuel as on DraftKings and he was really high owned.  The shooting guard position, which is traditionally a place to spend down, had two obvious mid-range plays in Barton and Tim Hardaway Jr.  T.J. Warren was another guy who had huge upside for a cheap price, but was a train wreck.  He played 17 minutes in the second half without attempting a single shot, or collecting a single stat.  Jokic was a huge upside play in the 240 game that is still about 1k underpriced.

My Approach

I decided to go Jrue over Curry and Lowry.  Something is wrong in Toronto and I can’t place my finger on it,  but I am off Lowry in cash until they get their chemistry fixed.   Especially with the news today that Ibaka is joining them.  Jrue was at a bit of a discount on Fanduel compared to Draftkings and so I decided to get my exposure here.  Jrue got out to a really slow start before recovering to put up a mediocre score.  He is another one to watch as Tyreke ‘Mega Ball Hawg’ Evans starts to get more minutes.

Robert Covington was not my favorite play but small forward was a bit weak today and I decided he did still have upside, plus usage boost with Okafor out.  I wish Saric was SF eligible here he would have been my top choice.   Frank was grossly under-priced on Fanduel again  compared to Draftkings and made him a plug and play for me.

Lastly at Center I went with Whiteside.  With only one center any time you can get the score advantage there it works in your favor.  Not that you cannot punt center because there are times, but today Whiteside was a top 2 or 3 center for the price and there was a huge gap in projection between him and the field.  Sign me up.

Birdwings Approach


Birdwings went up to Curry at 9400 at point guard like many did.  This is probably the one site I considered it.  I was completely off him at 10k.   He put up a big time dud and it helped me all over the slate today.  He also went Durant in the same over / under game.  Why did I fade both?  First I thought a blow out was a real possibility.  I did NOT expect that blowout to be Denver,  but I hate paying up for guys unless I know I am getting 4 quarters.  Second you have to be careful facing an entire team of poor defense because any player on your team could get hot and get the usage.   In this case Golden State was just flat and no body showed up.  Noel was a great play I used on other sites, but liked Frank for the discount at 400 cheaper.  McGee was a decent min priced punt to fit all this from the 240 over / under game.

Wrapping Up


I’ve been focusing on balanced lineups and it has paid off as I have 6-2 overall and now 1-0 on Fanduel.  On to a three game slate on Tuesday!

Rob Gardner

Rob got a start as a professional poker player with almost a 10 year career. After Black Friday killed off online poker, Rob made a transition to DFS. Rob has had success in NBA, NFL and MLB, include a win in the fan duel super strike.

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