DFS Datalytics Week in Review: August 8th-14th

Every Monday I’ll be giving you readers a run down of our content for the past week, all unlocked for your reading pleasure; along with site updates and highlights.

HIGHLIGHTS: On Monday co-founder Josh Harris won nearly $70,000 on DraftKings alone on just under $1,000 in entry fees by stacking the 2nd and 3rd ranked stacks of the night according to our projections. I stacked teams 1-2 and lost, DAMN YOU HOUSTON.

We’ve launched soccer projections this week. We’ve brought in @fantasy_xander (Alex Spalding) in to be the lead soccer analyst for the team. We’re excited to branch out into the world of international soccer!

We’ve also removed the on-site chat links and will move to an app based interface. If you are a season long or month long subscriber, DM me if you’d like to be added. 

Kyle Olson was a warrior this week posting eight articles across three sports, including massive NFL pre-season previews and Olympic basketball picks. 

I’ve began a new series of posts called “Data Mining” where I’ll break down 10 important pieces of data for the slate in question. I’m particularly happy with Friday’s article where I nailed the Musgrove/Strasburg/Trumbo and Dahl picks.

Adam Daly hammered the PGA projections this week, allowing me to hit a score of 499 on DK, putting me in the Top-5% of any and all contests. 

The baseball boys churned out four podcasts this week; and we now have the podcast listed on Stitcher as well as our usual iTunes and Podbean link.


Data Mining: Monday August 8th – Adam Jazdzewski

Stacks of the Night: Monday August 8th – Aaron Fischer

Toeing the Rubber: Monday August 8th – Mike Mellings

Data Mining: Tuesday August 9th – Adam Jazdzewski

Toeing the Rubber: Tuesday August 9th – Mike Mellings

Kyle Hendricks – King of Contact Management – Kyle Olson

Stacks of the Night: Wednesday August 10th – Evan Cheney

Toeing the Rubber: Wednesday August 10th – Mike Mellings

Toeing the Rubber: Friday August 12th – Mike Mellings

Data Mining: Friday August 12th – Adam Jazdzewski


Olympic Basketball Breakdown: Monday August 8th – Kyle Olson

Olympic Basketball Breakdown: Tuesday August 9th – Kyle Olson

Olympic Basketball Preview: Wednesday August 10th – Kyle Olson

Olympic Basketball Preview: Thursday August 11th – Kyle Olson

Olympic Basketball Preview: Friday August 12th – Kyle Olson


John Deere Classic Course Notes – Adam Daly

Core Fore – Rio – Adam Daly

Core Fore – John Deere Classic – Adam Daly


Preseason NFL Preview: Thursday August 11th – Kyle Olson

Preseason NFL Preview: Friday August 12th – Kyle Olson


Soccer Projections – How To Guide – Alex Spalding


MLB – Monday August 8th:What the Heck Do We Do With Coors” – Aaron Fischer and Evan Cheney

MLB – Tuesday August 9th: “Josh’s W and Evan’s L” – Brent Heiden, Aaron Fischer and Evan Cheney

MLB – Wednesday August 10th: “More Baseball Words Than You Can Count” – Brent Heiden, Aaron Fischer and Evan Cheney

MLB – Friday August 12th: “Under the Sea” – Brent Heiden and Evan Cheney





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