The New NASCAR Dash – What You Need to Know

If you haven’t yet checked out our friends over at FantasyDraft, click the image below and sign up for an account today. New users will receive two free weeks of any one sport here at when you sign up through our link or use referral code “DFSData” and make your first deposit.

If you have not experienced the dash yet, you absolutely need to have the experience.  The Dash was designed as a way to take all of the research of daily fantasy sports and condense it into easy to absorb visuals, saving you time to focus on the fun side of DFS, roster building and sweating your teams.  Each slate our experts give their take on every player / driver / golfer in the slate,  separating their picks from their fades, so you have a smaller player pool to work with.

The Dash thrives on giving you pertinent data.   The dash tells you which plays are good for GPPs and / or Cash while applying a risk factor so you know that players floor.  Our vibe scores comes from a unique tool that explores the internet for DFS articles and measures how much each play is being discussed. Each Dashboard comes with 4 key stats that we feel are the most important in factoring in deciding rosters for that sport.  In NASCAR we break this down into Hammers – Drivers who are capable of getting laps led and fastest laps points,  Movers – Drivers most likely to get place differential, Practice – our experts analyze all the practice sessions and give you a comprehensive score, and Finish – where we feel those drivers will end up at the end of the race.   All these scores are color coded for quick interpretation.   Finally our experts weigh in on their take on each play and why.

The interface allows you easy interactions as you start to narrow down your options.  You can set the percentage of exposure you want right in the dash, as well as tagging players as Chalk, Contrarian, Value and other options.   In as little as a couple minutes go through and sort out which players you feel are viable, or if you want take more time to dig into all the expert analysis to make your decisions.

Once you have decided on your player pool, the roster generation options really bring this tool home.  First the custom roster builder allows you to use a roster creation interface similar to what the DFS sites have,  but allow you to create a series of rosters in quick fashion.   This tool is great for building hand built rosters around a core.  You can build a couple or as many rosters as you want this way, and even name each roster.  Building rosters takes seconds, and your already starting to prepare for your slate.

If mass roster generation is your flavor, we have that tool.  Our Mass Roster Gen has more features then other roster gen tools on the market.  In addition to setting your exposures, cap space, and creating any number of rosters, our tool allows you to use the tagging system to set a min – max of specific types in your rosters.  Want a max of 2 hammers in your rosters?  With our interface you can set constraints on the tags, and not just build exposure rosters, but roster types based on what builds you want.

Roster Gen is great but what about when your done?  Well we have you covered there too.  All of our roster gens allow you the ability to both import the rosters, or pull the edit files from the sites that support it, and apply these rosters for upload.  On Draftkings and Fanduel specifically, this means you can pre-register for your contests, download the CSV file from them, upload it to our site, assign your rosters from both roster gen tools, download a new edit file, and upload it back to the site, and voila all your rosters are done.  Some of our testers have gone from research to roster building to rosters done on the site in under fifteen minutes.

Combine all this with some of the best DFS analysis on the internet and you have a winner.   We have put together a couple videos that showcase the dash listed below.  NASCAR Dash access is discounted for the launch right now.  Buy one month at $24.99 and get one month free,  or get your season long for $30 off by using the promo code nascarnow.  Our Dashboard is live for the Auto Club 400 this weekend, so stop working so hard and get to the fun side of DFS! You can access the dash at DFS Dash, the Datalytics logins won’t work there so you will need to create a new account. We’ve added combo memberships for those people most dedicated to winning. See our membership page if you want to combine the indepth analysis on Datalytis with the powerful tools on the Dash! See you there!

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Rob got a start as a professional poker player with almost a 10 year career. After Black Friday killed off online poker, Rob made a transition to DFS. Rob has had success in NBA, NFL and MLB, include a win in the fan duel super strike.

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